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Why Choose Us?

Broad Supplier Reach

Right Star Novelties' broad supplier base has aided its on-going success immensely: since client needs vary, effectively meeting those needs requires us to source products and services from multiple vendors. The company has been able to develop a broad, reliable base of suppliers since its inception. As such, Right Star has successfully organized various events, and provides its clients with the best materials, services, products and props for any given budget.

How is our Brand Positioned?

Right Star Novelties provides valuable services at fair prices. Compared to its competitors, Right Star's rates are reasonable given its myriad contacts and suppliers – both local and overseas – which ultimately means our customers receive value for money.

Human Resources

Right Star Novelties currently employs more than 20 skilled professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience to make your event a memorable one (indeed, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals). As an established Dubai company, Right Star has a vast inventory of theme-based and decorative products that can be used in multiple ways for event organization – no matter the setting or format. Right Star Novelties will do its best to achieve the mood and tenor you seek for your event.